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 Customary Commissions Paid by Seller



Seller's Agent

Buyer's Agent


Get 1% Cash Back on All purchases

Sellers pay the commission to both agents—typically 5 to 6% of the home's selling price.

The seller's agent and the buyer's agent each get 2.5 to 3%

Agents Work For Brokers 

Only Real Estate Brokers can be paid for representing clients in a transaction. In essence, Agents are representing the Broker or Brokerage. When the commission is paid it's paid to the Broker and the agent recieves thier agreed to split.   

Common splits between Agents and Brokers are  60/40, 70/30


Understanding The Broker Advantage

We are brokers so - NO SPLIT.  Therefore we credit you thousands of dollars which can be used to write a better offer, cover closing costs, or get a better loan rate.  Finding and falling in love with a house can be a lot of work and we have the power to reward you for that.  

Example:  $2,000,000 purchase 

30% commission refund to you = $18,000*

*assumes 3% commission to buyer broker

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