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Rules Under COVID-19 Prevention Plan 

1)Rules for the Listing (Seller’s/Landlord’s) and Showing (Buyer’s/Tenant’s) Agents


a)All in-person property visits (showings, inspections, appraisals, etc.) must occur byappointment only.

b)Listing Agent must post a link to the Plan (including these Rules) on any online publicand MLS listing, including the public and private comments.

c)Listing Agent must electronically deliver a copy of the Plan (including these Rules) to theShowing Agent, who must electronically deliver the Plan to all persons expected toattend the in-person property visit.

d)Both the Listing Agent and the Showing Agent must deliver any promotional, disclosure,advisory, or other materials electronically. No hard copies.

e)Listing Agent must post the Rules on the front entrance.

f)Prior to any visit, Listing Agent must introduce fresh outside air and minimize the risk ofsurface touching, for example by opening interior and exterior doors, opening windows,and operating ventilation systems.

g)Listing Agent must provide hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes, and a tie-off disposal bag atthe front entrance. Sanitizers must be recognized by the CDC as effective in combattingCOVID-19 (e.g., at least 60% ethanol or 70% isopropanol).

h)Showing Agent must have hand sanitizer or sanitizing wipes.

i)Listing Agent must confirm that any and all occupants are not present during the entirevisit.

j)Listing Agent must, before and after each visit, clean commonly used surfaces includingmobility and safety fixtures (such as handrails and banisters), counters, pulls, handles,levers, buttons, switches, keys, etc. All cleaning products used must be on the EPA-approved list (e.g., diluted household bleach or alcohol solutions that are appropriatefor the surface material).


2)Rules for Every Visitor


a)Electronically deliver a signed copy of the Plan (including these Rules) to the ListingAgent prior to the first visit.

b)Electronically deliver all materials intended to be exchanged with others. No hardcopies.

c)Any vehicle trip to the property must involve only people from the same residence.

d)No person may visit the property if they are exhibiting any COVID-19 symptoms.

e)Use hand sanitizer at the front entrance and sanitizing wipes for any gloves, necessaryequipment, or other necessary material that may touch an inside surface. If handsanitizer or wipes are unavailable, visitors must wash hands with soap (for at least 20seconds) and water at the closest sink on the property before touring or inspecting it.

f)No more than two visitors who are from the same household or living unit and oneagent inside a structure at a time.

g)Maintain at least six-foot social distancing from others (who are not part of the sameresidence) at all times within and outside any structure on the property.

h)Minimize surface touching.

i)Wear a face covering at all times on the property.

j)If safe to do so, place any disposable covers (gloves, masks, booties, etc.) in the disposalbag at the front entrance.

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